The Lab Co. recognises the importance of reducing its impact on the environment and has implemented initiatives in support of environmental improvement and sustainable development.


At The Lab Co. we know just how much waste and harm traditional laundry detergents can be to your clothes, skin, and the environment. That’s why it’s imperative to us to have biodegradable, non-chemically toxic, and environmentally friendly formulas, and packaging.

Did you know that most traditional plastic laundry detergent jugs aren’t recyclable because of the number of different plastics used to create a thick jug?

Our commitment to a safer and cleaner future:

We’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and making a cleaner future for generations after us. With a focus on reducing garment waste, using clean ingredients, and making conscious manufacturing choices, we are certain that we can make our dream a reality.

Reducing carbon footprint.

By creating non-toxic formulas and instead focussing on being highly concentrated, we not only largely reduce our packaging sizes in weight and volume, but we are successful in reducing garment waste. How? Because we stress how important it is to only use a little bit of product and refrain from over washing garments so that we can tackle fast fashion and make your items live for longer!

Vegan and not tested on animals.

All products at The Lab Co. are vegan and contain no animal derived ingredients. The Lab Co. does NOT test its products on animals.

   Clean ingredients and scientifically developed formulas.

The reason why most traditional laundry detergent brands are so cheap is down to their use of petroleum derived ingredients, which are naturally cheaper than plant-based ingredients.

At The Lab Co. we are proud to say that our formula is completely free of harmful chemicals, phosphates, and parabens (which ruin your clothes and harm the environment). We alternatively use essential oils and combine advanced enzymes with bio-based ingredients for enzyme-driven cleaning technology that is kinder to the skin and the planet.

Sustainable and recyclable packaging.

We’re delighted that our Everyday laundry detergent strips are 100% recyclable from product to packaging, using paper packaging and fully dissolvable detergent that contains ZERO plastic or harmful chemicals. This is a road we’re striving to continue down.

Using plastic in our packaging wasn’t our original idea. We know what kind of impact plastic can have on our environment and we are working towards reducing that. That’s why our bottles are 100% recyclable PET bottles.

The sad truth is that if we eliminated all plastic packaging to be replaced by glass and/or aluminum, we would then be using:

2.2x The energy

2.7x Co2 emissions

3.6x The material

For ease, here’s a table showing you why we use plastic for our liquids over glass:

 Why we use plastic: Why we don't use glass:
  • Weighs significantly less, reducing transport carbon footprint.
  • Glass is a far heavier material, meaning bigger carbon footprint.
  • Plastic is stronger and hard to break.
  • Glass is brittle and breaks often, causing it to be wasted and sent to landfills.
  • It's inexpensive and costs less carbon footprint to recycle.
  • It's significantly more expensive and costs more carbon footprint to recycle.
  • Much less material is used, minimising global warming gasses.
  • The production of glass creates 6x the global warming gasses than plastic.  


Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly.

The Lab Co. is officially recognised and certified by Amazon as Climate Pledge Friendly. CPF helps you discover and shop for more sustainable products, like ours.

Amazon Compact by Design.

Compact by Design is a sustainability certification created by Amazon to identify products that have a more efficient design through the removal of excess air and water. Products that require less packaging and are more efficient to ship lead to significant carbon emission reductions. 


TLC supports Surfers Against Sewage by donating each year to help them combat ocean waste.

Creating plastic-free communities is Surfers Against Sewage’s main priority, fighting the plastic pollution that blights our beaches and strangles our seashores.

By tackling society’s throwaway culture when it comes to single-use plastics, they adopt a two-pronged approach to solving the problem: aiming to change consumer behaviour and industry standards.

Solutions such as a Deposit Return System (DRS) would stop millions of pieces of plastic from entering the oceans eco-system in the first place. Actively cleaning up pollution from our beaches, they are a movement of do-ers not just talkers. Out of all charities in the UK, SAS have organised more beach cleans than any other, with these events galvanising communities into action – protecting and preserving their local beaches for everyone to enjoy.