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Delicates Laundry Bag


Our mesh laundry bag for delicates protects your items from damage whilst in the wash. Protect your delicate clothing such as wool's, silks, lingerie and embellished or embroidered articles with our laundry bag. It's also great to use with items that have hooks or fastenings that can damage other fabrics. 

Also suitable to use as a sneaker wash bag. Using a net bag avoids trainer laces knotting up.

Our laundry bag has two sections with drawstring divider fastening.  so you can keep delicates separate and reducing twisting and friction.

Tip: Avoid the dilemma of odd sock by washing your socks together in the net bag - this way you will always find the matching pairs!


SIZE: 46cm x 35cm

SUITABLE FOR: Washing machines and all washing cycles 

COMPOSITION: 100% Polyester


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