The Lab Co. Darks Laundry Detergent laid next to a section of a black Carhartt t-shirt

How to Wash Black Clothes

The main challenge with washing black clothes is preventing them from fading. With a few care tips and a set of good instructions, washing dark clo...

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The Lab Co. Baby Laundry Detergent placed on top of a Kenzo baby grow

How to Wash Baby Clothes

Every year in the UK more than 681,000 babies are born! This is an exciting time, but it can also be expensive. On average, new parents spend nearl...

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The Lab Co. Delicates Laundry Detergent placed on top of a black linen garment

How To Wash Linen Clothes

Linen clothes are completely versatile, stylish, and always fashionable. From your favourite linen shirt and trousers, looking after and knowing ho...

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