The Lab Co.

Premium Shoe Care Kit & Fabric Care

£45.00 £50.50

The Lab Co. has partnered with Liquiproof LABS to bring you the world's best shoe cleaning kit. Including everything you need to protect, clean and care for your shoes, jackets, bags and other fashion items.

  • Keep your items protected from rain, stains and spills with the world-leading water-proofing spray Liquiproof™ premium protector.
  • Use our eco-friendly and highly performative shoe cleaning spray to prevent stains and remove soiling from all types of fabric and textiles.
  • Instantly remove bad odour and eliminate any lingering bacteria with our fast-acting fabric freshener spray suitable to use on all types of fabrics and textiles.


Liquiproof™ Protector 125ml
Eco Cleaner 125ml
Freshener 125ml
Premium Vegetable Fibre Brush (Vegan)
Premium Microfibre Cloth


Our hard bristle vegetable fibre brush is made from cacti and should only be used on tougher fabrics. Use Liquiproof’s soft hog hair brush on delicate fabrics like suede and nubuck to avoid damage to the nap. 

Made in the UK.

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