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Wool & Cashmere Comb


Maintain the quality of your woollen and luxurious cashmere pieces.

FUNCTION: Our handmade Wool & Cashmere Comb gently removes pilling from your knitwear without damaging the fabric fibres of the knit or weave.

When cashmere, and some wool fibres, are worn they can often form surface bobbles called pills. Pills are inherent to these natural fibres and are caused by either the shorter fibre length, through wear or gentle abrasion. Using a comb keeps your items looking perfect once again!


  1. Lay your garment on a flat surface.
  2. Gently comb in one direction to remove the small pills from the surface.
  3. Clean the cashmere comb of any fibres.
We recommend using the comb to remove any pilling as soon as you see any building up. To maximise the care and prolong the life of your cashmere and wool, pair this care routine with our specialist cashmere & wool wash.
  • Made from unstained, untreated, uncoloured beech wood
  • The comb is doubled-sided with a mesh comb on each side 
  • Maintains clothes so their quality lasts longer 
  • Easily removes pilling and bobbles from your knitwear
  • Designed to be extra long lasting
  • Plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free 
  • Gentle on the fabric fibres 
  • Packaged in a sustainable and recyclable box

Uniquely patterned, individual combs may vary in colour due to their natural, unbleached and sustainable sourcing. 

Measurements: 95mm x 5mm

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