How to Wash Cashmere

Soft, warm, and elegant, cashmere garments are the ultimate in luxury clothing. As such, it's important you know how to care for your cashmere items.

If you're wondering how to wash cashmere, you'll be pleased to learn you can do so at home. Before you toss your favourite sweaters and blankets into the wash, however, you need to know how to protect these delicate garments from harm.

Follow our simple guide to learn the best tips on washing cashmere.

How to Wash Cashmere by Hand

The care tag on most cashmere garments usually says "Dry Clean," leaving many to believe taking your garments to the dry cleaners is the only way to clean them. Thankfully, you can wash your cashmere at home, as long as you do it the right way!

Here's how to hand wash cashmere garments.

Step 1: Wash your garments in cold water, using a mild detergent designed to gently clean wool and cashmere. Our Cashmere & Wool Wash is ideal for delicate cashmere, merino, and mohair blends.

Step 2: Submerge and lightly agitate the sweater for a few moments with your hands. Let your sweater soak for anywhere from 5-30 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse with clean, cool water. Do not twist or wring the garment, as the fabric is quite delicate and this can cause the fibres to stretch out. Instead, use a towel and roll the garment up, gently squeezing out excess water.

Step 4: Lay flat to dry. Never put your cashmere garments in the dryer, as heat can cause cashmere to shrink!

Remember, wool and cashmere require extra care. Be gentle with your cashmere garments to preserve them for many years of enjoyment.

Using the Washing Machine

Can you wash cashmere in a washer? You can, although you need to use the right setting on your machine. Here's how to wash cashmere in a washing machine.

Step 1: Set your washing machine to the most gentle cycle available. Always use cold water, as heat can cause the fibres to shrink.

Step 2: To protect your fabric, it's best to use detergents meant for wool and cashmere. Add our cashmere wash for a gentle yet effective solution. Never use detergents with dyes.

Step 3: Lay your cashmere garment flat to dry, keeping it in its natural shape. Again, never use the dryer.

If you want to protect your cashmere garments even more, consider using a mesh laundry bag.

To avoid washing your wool and cashmere items too often, give them a refresh with our Cashmere & Wool Mist instead.

Take Care of Your Cashmere

If you want to take care of your cashmere, you need to know how to wash cashmere items the right way. These tips give you the guidance you need to keep your cashmere garments clean.

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