Do you need an alternative eco friendly solution to chemicals? Are you sick and tired of the smell and impact on the environment from normal cleaning products?

It's estimated that 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills every year, the throwaway culture is killing the world we have. At The Lab Co we are on a mission to help you extend the life of your wardrobe. We have a range of premium eco laundry detergents and mists that are better for the planet and better for you, including a specialist Cashmere & Wool Wash care kit


How normal laundry products affect the environment

It turns out that Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, the compound that makes up the soles of shoes can last for 1,000 years in a landfill. If that isn’t an incentive to take better care of your wardrobe, we don’t know what is! 

According to Energy Star, an average household completes 400 loads of washing a year. Approximately, up to 25% a garments carbon footprint comes from the way we wash and care for it, as over washing usually ends up with faded clothes in more landfills! Whilst we need to wash our clothes, it is still important to lessen our impact on the environment. A couple of ways to do that whilst still keeping everything spick and span is to wait for a full load and use a more delicate washing cycle. This allows for less water consumption whilst limiting the amount of micro-fibres that are released (a Guppy Friend can help with that too!).

Normal household detergents contain many nasty chemicals that are actually quite vague. such as surfactants and phosphates that pollute water systems. If too much phosphate is released into freshwater, algae can grow, depleting oxygen and starving fish. This further affects the ecosystem. Harsh chemicals that release carcinogenic and reproductive toxins also cause skin irritations. This is because they stay behind on your clothes, and when you sweat your body absorbs the residue of your detergent. This can cause further health issues down the line. It also massively reduces the lifespan of your clothes.

The benefits of eco laundry products

There are many benefits to choosing environmentally friendly laundry products. Unlike man-made ingredients, these ingredients are sourced from nature (e.g. coconut) and biodegrade, this means they dissolve in waterways. There is nothing that will accumulate and you won’t have anything to worry about. A bonus for the environment and for you. It is common knowledge that people have sensitive skin, but even bio laundry detergent will not help, this is why it is better to go for eco-laundry products that have skin-friendly ingredients.

Another benefit is they will usually be concentrated, this cuts down on packaging and allows for more use out of less product. This is exactly what The Lab Co does. If you choose to buy more sustainable, eco-laundry products, you help to curve the demand for normal, harmful products. 


Here at The Lab Co, we are big on sustainability, and it is easier than ever to join the movement!

Being sustainable may seem difficult when you are used to conventional laundry care products, however, with this change, your home and your skin will thank you in a myriad of ways. Our sustainable and ethical laundry care products can fit any of your needs. Take care of your wardrobe today with products ranging from Sleep Mist, Cashmere & Wool Wash or our Signature Laundry Wash, which you can find here.

Our laundry care products contain ingredients that are natural, plant-derived and biodegradable, we decided to take a step away from petroleum normally found in products in supermarkets - that way you can be kinder to your skin, and kinder to the planet. This means they are gentle on the environment whilst being cruelty-free. Our formulas combine advanced enzymes with bio based ingredients that are driven using enzymes to create the best eco cleaning technology. enzyme-driven cleaning technology. This helps to prolong your fabrics life and keeps everyone happy.

With our recyclable packaging and vegan friendly formula, we believe that The Lab Co is the perfect place to start your eco friendly journey.

“Better for the planet, better for you”

Our Signature Eco Laundry Wash, which includes eucalyptus is for everyday washing can last up to 32 washes because of its concentrated formula. It’s multipurpose which means you can use it for anything from removing tough stains, brightening whites and preserving colours. The Lab Co’s laundry detergents helps to eliminates the need for dry cleaning. We also recommending using this with our Signature Fabric Mist to keep your clothes fresh between washes.

“Safe for your wardrobe, your family and your world” ~ The Lab Co.

One way to reduce the use of the washing machine is to use our spot stain remover, a non-toxic and highly concentrated formula that draws the marks to the surface, whilst protecting the fabric at the same time.


We have specialist wash solutions for every need including denim, delicates and sports. They are much less abrasive than standard detergents or fabric softeners. Each wash or mist blend has been specialist formulated for the type of fabric, making sure to balance the cleaning and conditioning agents. One example is the Denim Laundry Wash, its formulation of Bergamot and calming Mandarin protects the cotton fibres of your denim, whilst keeping the colour intact intact.

Do you want something like a fabric softener, but planet-friendly? Here at The Lab Co we decided to make our Signature Fabric Conditioner, it works perfectly with your laundry washes to keep your fabrics soft and smooth. If you are thinking of getting an eco laundry wash and mist, our laundry care kits include both. For example, you can find the Cashmere & Wool Care Kit here. If you would like to know how to wash your cashmere in a way that protects and preserves it the most, click here.


  • Use water at 30C and under
  • Pair an eco friendly laundry detergent with a conditioner and mist to prolong the lifetime of your fabrics
  • Use a washing bag
  • Wait for a full load
  • Remove spot stains
  • Shorter, more delicate wash cycles

To sum up, toxic chemicals are bad for you, your skin and the environment and the only viable way to look out for the planet is by using green alternatives such as our signature eco laundry wash. We are better together. 

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